Going online with the communicator


Internet access is one of the key-features of the nokia 9K mobile phones, so here are a few things that might help selecting the right ISP and setting up the connection.

There's also a list of IAPs from various network operators, which can normaly also be used by roaming users at no charge except for the airtime:

If you know of any more, please send me a mail

GSM data services
Unlike on normal telephone lines, on the GSM network you can't automatically place and receive data calls just because you can do it with voice calls. Outgoing and incoming data and fax calls are seperate services which have to be enabled by the GSM network. Most providers (at least all 4 german ones meanwhile, D1 since 1999/4/1) have outgoing data and fax services enabled on all their "normal" contracts and usually disabled on the prepaid cards, so you possibly already have everything you need.

Incoming data and fax is usually an extra service for which an additional fee is charged - you also get an extra number for each incoming service. But while incoming faxes are quite nice on the 9K (you can receive, view, resend and print faxes - but be aware, they eat a lot of your RAM) I haven't found a usefull application for incoming data calls using the 9K as a stand alone device. It might be usefull when connected to a notebook to use call-back authentification.

Analog and ISDN connections
There are two different ways the connection to your ISP can be established: analog (V32, V34, it depends on your GSM network what is used) or ISDN (V.110). The bitrate to your communicator always is 9600bps, even if for example the connection from the GSM network to the ISP is a 28k8 V34 modem link (that actually is the case with analog calls through VIAG Interkom in germany). There already is a standard for 14400bps GSM connections which is supported by the 9110, but AFAIK no GSM network offers it so far.

Generally an ISDN connection is better as it needs less time to connect and doesn't have the problems of an analog connection - the GSM network for it's own is unstable enough :> The problem with V.110 is that not many "normal" ISPs support it, as it's pretty uncommon in non-mobile environments. If your ISP supports it, you can enable it with the init-string ATS35=0 on the 9K.

German GSM provider's own IAPs
D2 / Mannesmann
URL: German

D2 has a free IAP for everybody using the D2 network including roaming users, which is accessible without an application and free of additional costs. In fact for D2-contracts the access-number is covered by the "Data Night" so access is possible at only 19Pf/Minute from 22:00 to 06:00, and of course it supports V.110 ISDN connections which saves some time, especially nice for shot sessions like sending e-mail.

To configure D2 Internet on your Communicator create a new ISP with the following settings (the user ID and password can be anything).

Name: D2-Internet
Telefonummer/Phone number: +49172229000
Benutzerkennung/User name: anything
Kennwort/Password: anything

Erweiterte Einstellungen: 
Modeminitialisierung: S35=0
That should be it :) The only drawback of D2-Internet IMHO is, that with the new D2 BestCitySpecial from 99/05/01 on it will be much cheaper to call an ISP in the city you're currently in - so at least in your home-town it might make sense to search for an ISP suitable for your Communicator.

Tested services: WWW, telnet, SMTP, POP (only local so far), IMAP, FTP

E2 / VIAG Interkom
Also the newcomer VIAG has an own IAP for it's mobile users. According to the hotline (not verified so far, I haven't got a single bill for my viag card so far :) it's 29Pf/min 24h/day - which is especially cheap during daytime where D2-Internet users pay 69Pf/min. As for D2-Internet no application is needed and there are no additional fees for setup or something like that.

To configure VIAG internet on your communicator create a new ISP with the following settings

Name: VIAG
Telefonummer/Phone number: 464638  (that's GO INET by the way :)
Benutzerkennung/User name: go@mobil.de
Kennwort/Password: internet
No additional settings are needed as VIAG's IAP currently does not support V.110 and the nameservers are assigned dynamically.

Tested services: WWW, telnet

Other GSM provider's IAPs
Mobilkom Austria / A1 Pocketnet
URLs: German / Englisch

A1 offers a free internet-dialin with V.110 support for all local and roaming users. Use the following settings on your Communicator:

Name: A1 Pocketnet
Telefonummer/Phone number: +43 664 684 000
Benutzerkennung/User name: (yourphonenumber)@a1plus.at
Kennwort/Password: (leave empty)

Erweiterte Einstellungen: 
Modeminitialisierung: S35=0
1.Nameserver: (should also work
2.Nameserver:    when left blank)
Tested Services: www, smtp, pop, telnet
Australia / Telstra Mobile
URL: Telestra Mobile Internet

Name: Telestra Mobile
Telefonummer/Phone number: +61 418 707 638
Benutzerkennung/User name: qncuser
Kennwort/Password: ssqnc
Switzerland / Freesurf
Name: Sunrise Freesurf
Telefonummer/Phone number: +41 xx 555 0065 where xxx is the prefix of
the region where you are (eg 32 for Neuchâtel). Actually 555 0065 is            
enough, because this number is valid everywhere in Switzerland.      
One exception however : in the region which have 91 as a prefix, the
number is +41 91 222 00 65.                                                     
Benutzerkennung/User name: sunrise                                   
Kennwort/Password: freesurf           
Tested Services: ?
United Kingdom / BTClick
Name: BTClick
Telefonummer/Phone number: 0870 0909090  (inside the UK)
Benutzerkennung/User name: none
Kennwort/Password: none
Tested Services: www, pop, telnet, failed: smtp. Connections to port 25 seem to be blocked
United Kingdom / Unknown
Name: Not known 
Telefonummer/Phone number: 08456091300 (from BT Cellnet and Vodafone)
Benutzerkennung/User name: guest
Kennwort/Password: guest
Tested Services: reported to be transparent to all services
United Kingdom / Freedom 2 Surf
Freedom 2 Surf Webpage
Name: Freedom 2 Surf
Telefonummer/Phone number: 0845 0798880  (Backup: 0845 0798881)
Benutzerkennung/User name: freedom
Kennwort/Password: freedom
Tested Services: should be transparent to all services
Cyprus / Cytanet
Name: Cytanet
Telefonummer/Phone number: 90902626
Benutzerkennung/User name: cytanetforall
Kennwort/Password: none

Tested Services: ? (reported Mar/2002)
Czech Republic / Eurotel
Eurotel offers a internet-dialin with V.110 support for all local and roaming users. Access is charged at a "premium" rate, so expect to find prices a bit higher than the ones for "network internal" calls on your roaming bill, but it wasn't too extreme when I visited Prague this summer. Generally it seems to be very cheap in the evening... Use the following settings on your Communicator:

Name: Eurotel
Telefonummer/Phone number: +420 602 900009
Benutzerkennung/User name: none
Kennwort/Password: none

Erweiterte Einstellungen: 
Modeminitialisierung: S35=0
Tested Services: www, smtp, pop, telnet
Estonia / Estonian Mobil Telephone
Name: EMT
Telefonummer/Phone number: 1444
Benutzerkennung/User name: guest
Kennwort/Password: guest

Erweiterte Einstellungen: 
Modeminitialisierung: +CBST=71,0,1
Mailserver: mail.eunet.ee
Price is reported to be 2.49 EEK/min (reported 28.6.2001)
Hungary / Pannon GSM
URL: English

Name: Pannin GSM
Telefonummer/Phone number: 9000340 (roaming inside the Pannon GSM Network)
Benutzerkennung/User name: none
Kennwort/Password: none

Erweiterte Einstellungen: 
(or try leaving blank)

Tested Services: ?
It might be possible to use smtp.datanet.hu as outgoing SMTP-server when connected via Pannon GSM
Italy / Omnitel
Name: Omnitel
Telefonummer/Phone number: +393492002800 (you have to roam in the omnitel Network)
Benutzerkennung/User name: not required
Kennwort/Password: not required

Tested Services: POP3, SMTP (6.5.02)
Norway / Netcom
Name: Netcom
Telefonummer/Phone number: +47 9200 0730 (possibly you have to roam in the netcom Network)
Benutzerkennung/User name: netcom
Kennwort/Password: netcom
Mailserver: mail.c2i.net (for outgoing mail only).

Tested Services: ?
Portugal / TMN
Name: TMN
Telefonummer/Phone number: 9621700
Benutzerkennung/User name: 

Tested Services: SMTP, POP3, telnet
Reported to work fast and reliable (November/2001).
Ireland / dol
Name: dol
Telefonummer/Phone number: +353 1 2461027
Benutzerkennung/User name: register@dol.ie
Kennwort/Password: guest
primary name server:

Tested Services: mail, telnet, web
Lancarote / Arrecife
Name: Arrecife
Telefonummer/Phone number: 928 000 123
Benutzerkennung/User name: tu@eresmas
Kennwort/Password: gratis

Tested Services: web
Lithuania / Omnitel
Name: Omnitel
Telefonummer/Phone number: +3709855555 (inside Lithuania: 150)
Benutzerkennung/User name: none
Kennwort/Password: none
Modeminitialisierung: none
1. Primary Nameserver:
2. Secondary Nameserver:
PPP compression: On

Additional information:
SMTP/POP: pvilnius.omnitel.net, mail.centras.lt
WWW: www.omnitel.net
FTP: ftp.omnitel.net
NEWS: news.omnitel.net
IRC: irc.omnitel.net

00:00-06:00 0.04USD per min
06:00-08:00 0.07USD per min
08:00-20:00 0.10USD per min
20:00-24:00 0.07USD per min

SAT-SUN (and state holidays)
00:00-08:00 0.04USD per min
08:00-20:00 0.07USD per min
20:00-24:00 0:04USD per min
Tested Services: ?
Russia / North-West GSM
Name: North-West GSM
Telefonummer/Phone number: +7 812 9651111
Benutzerkennung/User name: nwgsm
Kennwort/Password: guest

Tested Services: ?
Russia / NTS
Name: NTS Moscow
Telefonummer/Phone number: +7 095 0885
Benutzerkennung/User name: 

Tested Services: ?
Russia / Beeline
Name: Beeline Moscow
Telefonummer/Phone number: 679
Benutzerkennung/User name: beeline
Kennwort/Password: beeline

Tested Services: ?
Spain / Movistar
Name: Movistar
Telefonummer/Phone number: 551 (they have faster service at 552, but I haven't further info)
Benutzerkennung/User name: MOVISTAR
Kennwort/Password: MOVISTAR
Erweitert/Extended Settings:
PPP Compression: Yes
1st DNS:
2nd DNS:

MO-FR 8-21h   20pta+20pta/min
REST          20pta+10pta/min
plus 16% VAT (+possibly your providers roaming surcharge)

Tested Services: ?
Spain / Vodafone
Name: Vodafone Spain
Telefonummer/Phone number: 607 100 200 (roaming in the vodafone network)
Benutzerkennung/User name: any
Kennwort/Password: any
Erweitert/Extended Settings:
PPP Compression: Yes

You might have to use a Vodafone SIM to use this IAP.

Tested Services: ?

r@y, 2001/12/10