Add-On Software for the Nokia 9Ks


With the growing popularity of the 9K series there is more and more add-on software appearing on the market. Here's a list of some packages I tried on my communicators so far, divided into categories and sorted by my private preferences :-) Stay tuned as I will add some more in the next few days...

Explanation of the links:

  • NEW - by clicking on Name and Author in the different sections you can sort the List by Name and by Author. Default order is as before by my personal preference, so most usefull applications come first :>
  • The link on the packages name - if existent - goes to the homepage of the software, the (DL)-link is for downloading the software and the (INS) link is for installing the software directly to the communicator over the net.
  • The link under the authors name usually goes to the homepage of the author (or is mailto: if the author's homepage is unknown)

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