The Newsserver

What is it? is a stand-alone newsserver offering a set of newsgroups related to the 9Ks (as everywhere on this site, it's not only for the 9110 but generally for the whole series of communicators). Everybody can read and post to these groups without prior application, so just set up your newsreader and join the discussions.

Which groups are set up
These groups are currently configured on the server. They are mainly my suggestion for an initial group-set, if you think there's a group missing just post it to 9k.admin and we'll discuss it, already happened a few times so far so don't be afraid :)

9k.admin               Discussion about this server, new groups, ...
9k.misc                Everything not covered elsewhere.
9k.9110                9110 specialties.
9k.9210                9210 specialties.
9k.apps.misc           Add-on applications.          My highscore is better than yours.
9k.apps.bas9k          Conrad's Basic Project
9k.binaries.misc       Binaries, to be used with care.
9k.binaries.ringtones  Ringtone-Files, no WAVs please.
9k.binaries.sources    Sourcecodes, for the developers.            Misc development issues.             SDK-related issues, also for the 9210 EPOC SDK           (Small)talk.

How to reach the server
The newsservers hostname is and almost more important, the port is 9110. This is a non-standard port for newsservers and was chosen so the server isn't found by silly scanner-bots which are searching the net for open servers.

Usually it should be enough to enter this information into your favourite newsreader, for example Netscape Communicator (it's generally not considered to be a good newsreader, but it should be enough for a local server like this one). Sometimes you don't have an exta field for the port, try to use as hostname in these cases.

If you have any problems reaching the server - just let me know by mail

r@y, 2001/02/21