Other ressources on the net...


Communicator Sites
  • YAWS - Quite comprehensive website with most add-on software for the 9K, some reviews and also a good FAQ.
  • 9k World by Michal Jerz - a page with quite some tuning-tricks, like receiving faxes directly on th MMC.
  • communicator.org - Some interesting information (how to build the RS-232 cable, Ringtones, Internet) and a lot of links. Seems not to get updated very often :/

The Electric Frogplate has obviously removed it's nokia-page :((
Companies related to the 9K
most of these are also in the software section...
  • Yellow (German) - The makers of the Pro Lingua translation software, the D2 Messagechat and other communicator applications.
  • Breadbox - Developed some games and a database for the 9K
  • Celesta - Some applications and games, most interesting (IMHO) the free Mobile Document Organizer (ftp-client)
  • Quadriga - Some really good applications, including the 9Lives game on the 9110 CD.
  • Innolink - Have a speadsheed application
  • PCS Innovations - Boardgames
  • Puma Technology - The company that devellops the PC-Suite of the 9110
  • Geoworks - They make GEOS, the operating system your communicator is running. They also sold the SDK needed to write your own 9K-Applications, but now Nokia is distributing it through Forum Nokia and Geoworks also removed all development support from their pages.

Personal Webpages
  • Marcus Groeber - One of the few people activly developing software for geos on a private basis. Really cool software, sourcecode and links here!
  • Conrad Davis - Author of Bas9K - the Basic Interpreter for the Communcator
  • Felix Brodmann - A page from an enthusiastic communicator user :) Quite some intersting links here, too.

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